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La medicina tradizionale cinese offre un vasto repertorio terapeutico e culturale, al cui fascino e interesse č impossible sottrarsi
Convegno di medicina tradizionale cinese
Autore: Pavel Frelich

Annuncio del convegno europeo di medicina tradizionale cinese a Praga


Prague, Czech Republic, October 1st - October 3rd 2004,



Fourth Congress of EUROTCM






     the European Register of Traditional Chinese Medicine Organisations, representing TCM associations of 17 countries of continental Europe.





    The first deadline of the Congress is on May 31st. This is the fee schedule:







€ 150

€ 170

€ 200

EUROTCM Non-Members

€ 170

€ 190

€ 250

Students * 

€ 75

€ 75

€ 75

Accompanying Persons

€ 35

€ 35

€ 35

TCM Info Day




*to qualify for the student fee, the applicant´s registration form must be countersigned by the head of relevant university department and stamped with official stamp; a student must be under 35 years old)


    The Programm of the Congress comprises many interesting lectures by experienced specialists from different branches of TCM and different parts of the world, e.g. Dr. Lu Gang, discussions upon common diseases and their treatment with use of different approaches of acupuncture, herbal treatment, qi gong or tuina massage, a lot of workshops with practical hints and tips, qi gong group exercises, board discussions, political events and special issues dealing with TCM.


    We are looking forward to your visit in our place. Come and represent your country, your association, yourself! You are welcome to have a lecture or workshop in the Congress (then you will pay a reduced congress fee - a lecture 20€ less, a workshop - 20€ less, a lecture and a workshop - 50€ less) ! Your active participation brings you a possibility of presentation of TCM activities in your country and enables you to meet new colleagues and bussiness partners.


    Accomodation is prepared for you in the same building where congress will take place, i.e. four-star Top Hotel Praha. Its rooms are very comfortable and you don´t need to spend your time by travelling to the congress and back to your hotel instead of e.g. site-seeing tours. Top Hotel is located near to metro C line, you can get to the City of Prague in 15 minutes . Don´t hesitate to let us know you come so that we can book a room for you!


    We are pleasured to offer you sending our congress brochures. Please let us know how many pieces of those brochures you need, we will send them in day following after receiving your mail. Brochures are for everybody who would like to take part in this event, does not matter as a active lecturer, a participant, an accompanying person or a student. Everybody is welcome! If you run a school, please pass brochures to your students and to the staff of school. If you run a clinic, please let the staff of clinic know about this opportunity!


    In time of Congress, directly in a entrance hall, the Trade Fair is held. You can see producers and distributors of various acupuncture equipments, herbs and herbal products suppliers, TCM schools and courses advertisments, specialized TCM bookshops and many others, usually with their short presentation. With regard to number of visitors of the Congress it means a big opportunity to make new contacts, deals, or just collecting information about products, producers and suppliers. If you find this possibility to be interesting for you or for your association or bussines company, you will be welcome to present on the Trade Fair!


    During your stay in Prague we prepared rich social programmes and pre-congress tours for you so that you could see the most beautiful and the most interesting places of Prague - ancient city with very long history and tradition and with powerfull genius loci. You will have an opportunity to join sight-seeing tours in the city of Prague, to have a walk in old lanes of Old Town, to see the Prague Castle, St. Vit´s Cathedrale, to taste prague kitchen specialities and Pilsner Urquell Beer. The climate in this season of year is very pleasant and mild, sometimes with light rain, usually in temperatures between 10 and 17 oC.


    For more information about the Congress you can see http://www.eurotcm.cz /, for more informaiton about EUROTCM please have a look at .www.eurotcm.com.


    If you have any question, please don´t hesitate to ask for details on this email.


    Yours sincerely


        Pavel Frelich  - Congress  Committee

TCM Bohemia, Ltd.,

nam.Csl.armady 26, 373 41 Hluboka nad Vltavou, Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 387 314 310, fax: +420 387 965 132, e-mail: pavel.frelich@tcmbohemia.cz


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